Mix Test and Proposal

Hello guys from ISOLATE!
I loved to make the test mix for this song, I hope you like it as much as I liked the song and the process.
It is possibly still a bit "naked" in terms of automation and micro elements but you can get the essence of the general mix.

Listen here!

Witness - ISOLATE
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Here you can check some of our previous works.

There are some different genres but it's mostly for you to listen to what we can do in general.


I'd love to work in this project guys, so here's my proposal and conditions:

My rate for mixing and mastering only one song is of 120€, for 4 songs I can accept 400€, this includes reamping (if needed), drum re-sampling (if needed), mixing, mastering and up to 3 rounds of revisions.

However this doesn't include basic editing or additional production which should compete to the tracking/editing engineer but can be done at an extra charge.

I require a down-payment of 50% of the final project value (200€ in this case) to start and the rest is due when I have the work ready to send for the first round of revisions.

If you accept this proposal just fill the contact form at the bottom and tell me, I will e-mail you a paypal request as soon as I read it!


Nox Messor Sound Studios is ran by Tiago Mesquita.

Started as guitarist, soon found out his passion about not only other instruments but also gear and recording, then he knew right away what he really wanted to do in his life.


Focuses mainly in Rock/Metal, always trying to deliver the most modern and punchy tones possible.